Network Accelerators

We want to help you nurture your favourite clients, find new leads, or engage your own prospects through a series of innovative networking activities.

Want to grow your business network? Fast?

Our proprietary Network AcceleratorsTM are like an Executive Nine golf course in that they are intended for business-minded golfers who want to achieve quality results, but in less time. They are the brainchild of our founder Marc Appleby, and are exclusive to WCGC events in Canada.

Specifically, the Accelerators are a series of fun, simple activities throughout the day designed to add tremendous networking value, quickly and effectively. We do this by facilitating time with dozens of other players through innovative ice-breakers, and helping you isolate efficiently those whom you can and want to do business with after the event.

In other words, we have created several unique ways for you to be professionally introduced, connected and remembered with all the valuable business contacts you make through our WCGC events and international network.

There are a maximum of 144 players at every WCGC event, and our objective is to introduce you to every single one of them. We do this because we passionately want to help support your company’s long-term development and financial growth.


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PowerScout Sports Inc. is the exclusive WCGC license holder for Canada.

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