About the WCGC

The World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) is the world’s oldest & biggest corporate golf tournament for amateurs, going on for now 26 years strong, with over One Million golfers having participated from 45 countries.

Global Overview


Local, regional and national tournaments are organized and promoted by licensed partners in different countries around the globe. The top national team represent both their country and company at the World Final.

Since its inception 25 years ago, over 1 Million golfers have competed across the globe for the chance to be crowned WCGC World Champions.

The World Final is also broadcast by Golfing World TV to over 50 broadcasters with an estimated home reach of 350 million globally, and is covered by Time and Fortune magazine.

Brief History

The event was founded in 1993 by two professional football players based in England. Within a short time, the Corporate Golf Challenge became synonymous with the Times Newspaper and corporate golf across the United Kingdom.

Once established, the rights holders expanded the event into new territories around the world applying a licensing model. Since then, WCGC has enjoyed continued success and growth.

This year’s tournaments are being staged across 6 continents and 30+ territories will be represented at the World Final in Portugal (July 3-7). Licensees are expected to organize 150+ events and attract more than 9,000 participants.

Player Demographics

Ninety percent (90%) of WCGC participant players are high-level business executives with substantial purchasing power, aged 30-60 and 90% male. Companies represented come from a variety of industry sectors including real estate, banking, and entertainment to name but a few.


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PowerScout Sports Inc. is the exclusive WCGC license holder for Canada.

Head Office: Ottawa

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